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Currency Buy Sell Rates are updated at: 14.06.2024 16:57
USD 39.00 41.15
EUR 42.00 44.55
GPB 51.45 52.20
CHF 44.50 45.50
PLN 10.20 10.35
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Rates are updated at: 14.06.2024 16:57
Currency Buy Sell Rates are updated at: 14.06.2024 16:57
EUR/USD 1.078 1.088
Rates are updated at: 14.06.2024 16:57
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Testimonials of our clients
15.03.2019 Viacheslav

I would say, even the most profitable exchanger in the city. Therefore,  usually I appeal to them ?

06.02.2019 Lina

Great exchanger?! The rate was competitive, the exchange operation was quick and without problems.

10.03.2019 Andrew

They always have the most favorable rate , I always compare the exchange rate within banks and here before the exchanging.

12.03.2019 Joan

I cooperate with this network of currency exchange for about a year, it is always more profitable for me comparing to other exchange companies and they have currency always in stock. Nice ?

01.05.2019 Antoine

Lastly I sell USD only by Valuta?, I like the department and the location is convenient, Downtown

04.05.2019 Rob

I liked the cooperation with you. Good luck!

About us

Buy or sale currency by the network of exchange departments Valuta in Kharkov securely and prompt.

We will offer you the most favorable exchange rate for the moment. You can always convert the currency (USD, Euro, Ruble, Pound, Zloty) at a proper time, we work around the clock and have a convenient location of branches in the city (metro Naukova, Downtown, Barabashova, Geroev Truda).

To fix the rate, you need to call +38(099)422-60-71 or place an exchange order on our website using the online order form.

In our channel Telegram we publish favorable last minute offers, the most current rates, news.

If you are interested in:

where is profitable to buy or sell US dollars in Kharkov

buy euro for ruble or USD

exchange pound sterling GBP or Zloty for the hryvnia

buy currency online in Kharkov

then we are waiting for you in our exchangers Valuta Kharkov.

We guarantee partnership and long-term relationship, we value our customers!

Our currency exchange departments
metro Naukova
Address: Kulturi street, 17
Operation mode: 24/7
metro Ak. Barabashova
5-th metro exit
Operation mode: 8:00 - 18:00
metro Geroev Truda
exit from metro to the shopping mall Jocker
Operation mode: 8:00 - 20:00